Because you cannot be too rich, or too smart.
Some wealth management firms go back 150 years. We go 150 years forward.
Our clients experience something rare and wonderful. It is a direct result of our forward-thinking business model.
We built our firm to be very different from most others. Instead of worried, you feel...
• Loved - At Caleb Nolan and Partners, we have institutionalized caring. You are surrounded by talented, loyal, passionate team members. That includes the owners of the firm.
•  Powerful - Your financial plan is as meticulous as they come. Every decision moves you closer to realizing your grand vision.
•  Richer - It is nice to have a wealth management firm with accounting roots. A tax-conscious strategy is a beautiful thing.

About Us

Caleb Nolan and Partners is a premium asset manager company ranking at the top of the Hong Kong financial industry. The following are the business lines in which Caleb Nolan and Partners actively operates: Mutual Funds Management, Pension Funds Management, Discretionary Portfolio Management and Advisory Services.
The primary goal of incorporation of Caleb Nolan and Partners is to define the financial instruments that are suitable to the risk profile of individual and corporate investors and to manage their portfolio and thus ensure optimum use within this framework.
Caleb Nolan and Partners carries out the mutual funds management business, discretionary portfolio management in compliance with risk/return preferences of the individual and the corporate investors as they own have defined, having certain savings in addition to the management of Pension Funds.

What We Do
We work with clients as a consultant, helping them to reach their long-term financial goals. We use our in-depth knowledge of the investment markets and the wide range of financial planning expertise on our staff to evaluate a client's full financial picture and provide holistic, integrated investment advice.
Caleb Nolan and Partners serves as a financial intermediary for clients, providing access to the very best investment managers at a negotiated fee rate. Our dedicated research team is solely focused on the due diligence and ongoing monitoring required to successfully navigate an increasingly complex world of investment options and strategies.

The Caleb Nolan name
The Caleb Nolan name captures the spirit of exploring for wealth, which is what we do for our investors.

Our People
In the end, a firm boils down to the people, so this is a good place to spend some time.
Our people are the best in the business at what they do and they love doing it in our friendly yet intellectually charged environment. Not that they need more incentive but 30 out of our team of 111 members have an ownership stake in the business.
So, not only are our people very talented and happy in their work — they will be with you and your family for a long time. This is an essential element of our innovative business model, designed to deliver the deepest, most consistent wealth management experience you can find.